Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random vacation photos goodness

Not going to be in order of when we went to these places lol.

And no, unfortunatly, you're not going to see my lovely face in any of them :P lol

Kinda had an obsession with them after this little fella went in to a Busch Gardens trashcan and started to munch on a french fry at first, and then a cheese stick after.

This little squirrel was in D.C. The squirrels there are definitely used to people. This one was trying to sneak up on the backpack that was laying on the ground. They had a trail mix in there and decided to share a few of the nuts with the local squirrels.

We love the show Man vs Food, and he ended up going to this place called Chick & Ruths in Maryland. It took forever to get to this place and forever to find a damn parking spot. It's a cruising area (where people like to drive through slowly), has a lot of bars and such and ugh... it was just a pain.
Anyway. At this deli... they have a 6lb milkshake and DH was determined to get it. He had pissed me off by the time we got there, so I didn't have any of it.
Him along with his friend and son finished it off though.
They combined chery vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and some other flavor I can't remember... maybe chocolate.
And FYI.... the place was expensive, but the crab cakes here were AWESOME. Almost all crab with very little filler.

Few beachy photos....
Morning stroll on the beach. It was really smoky for a couple of days though for some reason. *shrugs*

Love looking at the things washed up on the morning shore. Was shocked to see part of a squid!

And other misc dead sea creatures. A few jellyfish. Not as many as I thought there would be (probably b/c we got out there a little late). Touched one with my shoe and was surprised that it was hard. Guess I was expecting more of a soft jello consistancy.

We also went to Medieval Times while we were at the beach for friend's children. It was fun.

We were on the evil Green Knights team. Here's the Blue Knight though that DH and his friend kept calling Orlando (as in Orlando Bloom)..... sigh...

There's also this place called Barefoot Landing at the beach. It's basically just a bunch of shops on a manmade? pond lake thing. Was hot as hell that day.
Anywho... look... it's the Back to the Future car!

We bought fudge and some nifty candles while there.
My candle is the one with the ladybug. DH picked out the jack-o-lantern one. I was going to get that one but decided to go more girly heh.
Think DH wants to give the jack-o-lantern candle to his uncle for his birthday.

And yeah... that's it. Not gonna bother posting too many of Washington. Just wasn't all that interesting.

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