Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So far so good

Looks like the progesterone may have caused my temp to go up even more. It's either that or the crap sleep I had last night. Never felt like I was in a deep sleep and always on the verge of waking up.
Oh well.

I'm starting to have some strange dreams. Started yesterday w/ a weird Friday the 13th meets the kids from The Middle meets this one Indian actor I've seen in a few movies (who ended up being Jason). It was a strange one.
And last night's and this morning's.... I can't even tell you what any of those were about b/c they jumped around so much.

I guess progesterone causes funky dreams too. Hope they get more vivid, I know then it could be from HCG in my system. FX.

DH was off yesterday so that was a big distraction from everything.
No exercise done. Helps that we were out for a lot of the day.
We had to go to the bank first to get something straightened out. Then grocery shopping. Then Petsmart. Came home for a little while, then it was off to see a movie, bookstore after it to waste some time until dinner, then dinner.
Sure I could've done something when we finally got home... but meh.

Going to do a little bit of exercising today. Just try to do some modified squats, push ups and stretch. I could try pull ups as well, but I don't trust my weight on the pull up bar. It's one of those that uses the door frame and ugh, it makes me so nervous lol.

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