Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to bitching

Ok so remember the other post where I complained about the unhelpful posts that women just insist on doing.
I'm looking up 13dpo BFN then BFP.
All of the questions are from women trying to hold on to some hope that maybe they're not out and looking for others who have gotten a BFP even after getting a BFN at 13-14dpo.

And what do I come across? Multiple responses like this one
I got VERY faint lines at 10dpo (I thought my mind was playing tricks on me) and a definite line at 11dpo. I confirmed with a positive digital this morning at 13dpo.
Really bitch? How is THAT supposed to make them feel better?? You got your BFP 3 days before this woman is asking, and you thought you'd share this little nugget of information b/c it's helpful? WTF?

This one is even worse!!

This is the question that was asked.
 Anyone have a BFN 14 DPO, then get BFP later??
 And THIS is an actual response
 No, but my BFP didn't come until DPO 12.....after negatives 8, 9, 10 and 11.
WTF???  How is that shit helping anyone except for making YOU feel better and the poor woman asking the question feel like shit? UUUUUUGH

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