Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Ok a quick rant....

So I'm looking up stories of women that had BFNs at 12dpo but still ended up getting a BFP later.
A lot of women out there just like myself trying to keep hope alive and a lot of women sharing their own stories trying to help.

You know what doesn't help? The ones that come in and say things like

"I didn't even test until 14dpo, and I got a dark BFP!"

Uhm... ok... good for you, but that's NOT helping the woman who asked if anyone has tested BFN then gotten a BFP later.

Then you have the ones that just want to brag..

"I got my BFP at 12dpo. Good luck!"

Really bitch? Just b/c you add in a good luck there doesn't mean you're being supportive! You basically just rubbed your good fortune all up in someone's face.

And it's ALWAYS like this too. Now there are more helpful than annoying posts but still... UGH.


Sarra said...

OMG, I totally feel you on this. Most women looking through those threads and comments are in a super vulnerable place and when someone is all casual about their happy early BFP and pregnancy but aren't offering anything actually comforting or even relevant to the conversations, it's so frustrating.

I have never had a BFP, so I can't offer any great comfort either, but I can say that I understand how you feel and am right there with you. My friend Stephanie recently got a BFN on 12DPO. Not even a hint of a line,but then got her BFP on 15DPO, so it definitely does happen. Wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I haven't had a BFP either, but i do agree it is totally soul destroying when you can see some ladies just throwing thier good fortune in your face,and adding a "Good Luck" on the end, doesn't make it any easier!

I always say, don't give up til AF arrives - hope is out there for all of us!!