Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, I'm having some spotting.
It's not bright red, but it's not old brown either.
It's what I usually get before AF shows up. That kind of salmon color.

I think it's over, but I'm going to take the progest tonight and probably tomorrow morning depending on what my temp does.

EDIT: Def feels like AF wants to start.
Getting mild pulling cramps and my lower back is starting to ache. Almost like I have to poop REALLY bad feeling.
Oh well... sigh.
I guess if this is AF wanting to show, I can just keep my FX that I'll continue to ovulate on my own... preferably sooner rather than cd20something :P lol


Kaida said...

just fyi. i always o bedween cd18 and cd22. my cycles are usually 31-33 days. withthat being said. it almost works better if i wanted to activly TTC cause your uterus has more time to make a thicker lining, and usually the leutal phase is longer. so more chance of implanting.

idk if that works for you the same way. but if so. i hope that atleast heers you up alittle bit...

LisaL said...

I think I O'd last cycle on cd 21 and my LP was still only 10 or 11 days long. So yeah... *shrugs* Doesn't really seem to help me lol.