Friday, July 22, 2011

Any day now....

Ok so apparently I overestimated my uterus's desire to expel my lining :P lol
Nothing yet. Just there when I use the bathroom and not really a lot. Just peachy color right now.
I'm sure it will start, just wish it would've started sooner! UGH.

Oh and it was just DH and I for dinner thank goodness!!!
Preggo SiL was in the hospital (as usual b/c she needs an IV and blahblah I don't give a shit)...
So we went out without them.
Oh I'm sure we'll be going out with the family some time this weekend. UGH.

Anywho, over dinner, I asked DH what he wanted to do TTC/medication.
Of course HE wants to wait until NEXT FRICKIN YEAR to try with meds. I swear, just when I think he gets this whole PCOS thing... he says something stupid like that.
He knows that's just not going to fly with me though b/c well.. I told him so rofl.
There is just no way in hell I'm going to wait that long.
I know his reasons are good ones. We could be healthier by then, we could have more money saved up (yeah right), but just no way. HELL NO. I am NOT waiting that long to try again with meds.
Hell it's probably going to be September before we actually do get to try again!

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