Thursday, July 7, 2011


So we had our consult today with the RE.
He basically said that he would like to do the chromasomal test.
Not that it would really change anything though.
Can't exactly do anything if there is a chromasomal problem ya know? But it would at least give us a reason for why the early losses keep happening.
I hope everything comes back ok.
Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the frustration that title of "Unexplained" brings, but I'd rather have that than a chromasomal problem that we can't do anything about. Where we would have to rely on pure luck in having a baby.

RE started to go on about the extreme unproven measures that a lot take. He's one that doesn't believe a clotting disorder prevents pregnancy so doesn't think taking any kind of blood thinner med helps.
BUT he said that he's always willing to give his patients that if they want it.
DH mentioned to him an article he saw about a British study that gave women with recurrent m/c some kind of steroid that's used for asthma.
RE was interested in reading it and asked to be sent the link to it.
He said that if it looked promising, we could always try something like that if we wanted.
I thought that was very cool that he would be willing to try something different.

So, we went ahead and had some blood taken.
Poor DH's body did not like that at all.
It was only just a single vial of blood, but he almost passed out from it.
All of the color drained from his face. His lips and eyelids were blue. Not just slightly blue, but blue blue.
He started pouring sweat and shaking.
Once he was ok to walk, they made him lay down for a bit.
Just so weird how our bodies react sometimes.

So yeah, RE recommended that we take another month break as we wait for the results. That works out perfectly since we were going to wait anyway lol.

Erm what else.
Oh RE seemed to think IVF was more of an option for us now. I'm still on the fence about it. Just don't know if we NEED to go that far yet, ya know?

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unaffected said...

I know I sound like a broken record probably, but I think you should push for some immune testing. To say that blood clotting/immune issues don't lead to repeated pregnancy loss is ASININE, imo! I don't understand him saying he'd put you on blood thinner if you wanted, without doing any tests to see if it was necessary.

Personally, I wouldn't move forward with IVF if I were you until you had an immune panel done. If there is an issue causing your recurrent m/c, it would most likely present itself whether you were doing IVF or not.

I wish this were easy for us :( **big hugs**