Thursday, July 14, 2011


In the wrong spot... boo lol.
It's not even really an evap, just a really really really faint nothing. Not sure what's up with the test. Could've sworn I actually saw 3 lines on the test.
Meh. Going to call it faulty.
Tried to get a photo of it and tweak it so you could see.

And then saturated and marked where the funky line is. It's way too close to the control line. I also saw a 3rd line on the far left, but that one didn't show up in the photo... hell.. the one I marked barely did :P lol

I'm only 6dpo so yeah... not too worried about BFNs just yet ;) hehe I'll worry about that once I'm 9dpo and so on.

Frequent peeing has stopped thankfully. Was actually able to hold it for about 3 hours before I took the noon test.
Must've been the lemon from last night.

Having some sharpish right O twinges. Nothing bad, but noticeable.

EDIT: The test does have 3 lines on it! As it's starting to dry, you can see them a little better. Will try to get a photo of it if they come up better.

EDIT2: Alrighty here's the test dried. Lines didn't show up as well as I hoped they would, but oh well. Made the photo smaller here b/c I think that makes it easier to see faint lines. I'm sure it would be the same for the other 2 I just posted but meh...


Jen said...

God I love you . . . you are a crazy early tester like me :o)

I got a positive OPK today :o) Guess what hubby and I have been doing? LOL I'm keeping our whole TTC stuff quiet right now, but I like having you to talk to about it.

You know my fingers are super crossed for you!

LisaL said...

WOOHOO for the + OPK!!! And sounds like you're taking care of some BDing business too! Catch that egg!!
I know I always find comfort in other early testers as well. Makes me feel less crazy for starting so early :P lol