Saturday, July 16, 2011

8dpo noon tests

Still BFN but pissing me off.
WTH is up with these indents?
And really? Why do they always seem to be RIGHT where the 2nd line should pop up, so your eyes just keep going back to that area over and over again thinking that you may see something? It's such a frickin tease!

Anyway, the one on the bottom is the 2nd one I opened. I'm seeing a super super faint line on it to the right of the indent irl, but I'm sure it's just another shadow bfn line. I'll try to get a photo of it if it darkens enough for the camera.

Ok NOW the negative Nelly is starting to creep in. 8dpo and I'm already feeling out. SIGH, how sad.


Alyssa said...

STOP TESTING!!!!!!!! Put down the sticks until 12 DPO.
It's hard but you're absolutely NOT OUT YET.

Diana said...

I agree.. Stop testing. Ur going to make urself crazy.. I know it's hard dear but u just can't be doing this to yourself. Think positive. Take a deep breath :) oh and I've heard the clear blue ovulation w the smiley face indicator is the best. Have u ever tried those? There's no indentions on those :) be strong ok... It's going to happen