Sunday, July 24, 2011


So, AF finally did start showing up yesterday afternoon. Oh and she showed up PISSED.
Awful bloating. I mean just AWFUL.
I'm really not sure what to categorize it. Cramps? Eh.. maybe? I dunno if I'm really cramping or not b/c there aren't any obvious cramps.
So yeah, I'll just call it really bad bloating.
It was SO bad yesterday it moved to my back and gave me that constant feeling like I REALLY had to poop even though I didn't. That is not a pleasant feeling b/c it doesn't go away.
I'm sure I could've taken ibuprofin for it, but with the possibility of ovulating again on my own, I don't want to screw any potential ovulation up lol.
So i'll suffer these few days.

I just need something to do now. Think I'm going to try to jazz up my blog some. I know I've said that before and well, nothing ever happened lol.
Just tired of the blindingly bright pink baby thing in the background there.
Damnit, I'm an artist! I should be able to come up with something!..... maybe! :P lol

I have other art projects I want to do as well.
I'm totally not going to do the Halloween thing. After actually working with foam... it SUCKS and honestly I don't want to do it rofl.
It's just such a pain in the ass, makes a HUGE mess and I just suck at it.
I dunno, I may finish the head I was working on, but that's it.

Have to find something to do to preoccupy my time.


Alyssa said...

:( I saw your CD1. So sorry :(

Lisa Marie said...

Well Well, it seems we're having twin AF's. Started yesterday with the same wonderfulness you're experiencing. Are you me in another realm? Haha! I didn't know about the ibprofen though so thank you! I wish us both luck this cycle!