Friday, July 8, 2011


I have no idea if my body is doing something or not.
My temp did drop to 97.31, so hoping that that is an O dip and it goes up to a post-O temp tomorrow.
I've taken 2 OPKs today so far. One with FMU (more like 4th mu lol), and one at noon.
Early morning test was light, noon test was darker, but not positive.
Just took another test and it's like the noon one. Darker than the morning one, but not positive.

Here are the tests. Looking at them this way.... I think I actually believe I got a positive yesterday which blows my mind and I think the one from early evening that I wasn't sure about w/ the dark thin line was probably a positive as well (3rd test down).

I REALLY hope that my temp jumps up tomorrow.
I was feeling aching earlier this morning but not much now. Going to pounce on DH when he gets home. Get in some BDing before we go out to dinner.

We BD'd last night. Used the wedge, everything was great. After we were done and DH got up... I laid there with my hips elevated on the pillow, but didn't seem to do any good b/c I leaked all over the place. I know some sperm got to where they needed to go, but it was disappointing seeing so much had come out even though my hips were up.
Not sure what happened there.

That's about it.
Weight was 197 today. Going to do measurements on Monday. I know I could do them now, but it just feels better starting stuff at the beginning of the week.
My shoulder is feeling better. Not 100%, but should be once I start up everything. My foot is still tender feeling, but that should be ok once I start as well.

I've set a short term goal of being 189lbs by the time we get to start TTC w/ meds again. HOPEfully we won't even need to go back to meds, but if we do, I want to be in the 180's by then :)
Will be so nice never having to worry about seeing a 2 in front of my weight ever again!

And I know I know. I haven't posted vacation photos yet. I'm just being lazy right now, but I'm gonna do them this weekend.

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