Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Alrighty.... so I'm on the progesterone suppositories. I know they raise your BBT.
BUT will it keep it raised as much as it has been even if I'm not pregnant?
In past cycles, even on my chemical ones... my BBT always dropped even while taking the sups. It would delay AF, but my BBT would still have dropped indicated that it was probably just the sups keeping the bbt slightly elevated.

I ask b/c I don't want to be sitting here at 16+ DPO still wondering if I am pregnant (when I'm not) just b/c my temp is high from the progest sups.

Make sense?


Alyssa said...

I searched on FF's gallery and saw that most of the ovulatory but not pregnant charts only dropped temps after they stopped taking progesterone. I

I saw a couple examples where the temps fell despite progesterone (let me know if this chart shows up as an example:

But it seems like most of the temps only drop after they stop the progesterone.

Ericka said...

For me, on progesterone, my temps were lower than I can't help much.

LisaL said...

Hm.. that's weird that your temps were lower than normal. lol

No, unfortunatly that link doesn't work.
I also looked at the charts on FF and you're right. Looks like most of them temps only lowered when they stopped.