Monday, July 18, 2011

Still getting

Those weird ladybits aches.
Not really sure how to describe them.
It reminds me of my last m/c. That radiating feeling, but not as bad.
It's def starting in the uterus, and the feeling sort of radiates down towards the vag.

Pretty sure it's not bowel this time b/c I've already had 2 normal bms today.

Sigh.... just have to see what my temp does.
If it goes down tomorrow then I'm more than likely out.
I'll remain on the progest for a few more days to see what my temp does and if it goes down and stays down, I'll stop it.

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socialite_baby said...

I started feeling those at 1 dpiui. I actually woke up to them. I just assumed it was from the "cervix trauma" but if you're having them too it's making me wonder... You're a lot further into your TWW than I am though! Hopefully it's a good sign! your chart is looking amazing!