Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stupid celebrity

Ok, so I enjoy watching paranormal tv shows. Such as Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, etc.
Well, I'm currently watching Celebrity Ghost Stories.
One of them had the girl from Growing Pains on there. The older daughter.
She starts telling her story and how her and her husband keep seeing a bright white image of a little boy.
One day, she tells her husband that they NEED to have another baby RIGHT NOW.
Guess what... bitch finds out she's pregnant frickin 2 weeks later (her tww).
And she thinks what they were seeing was the spirit of their unborn child, blahblah, STFU.

MAN I wish it was that easy for all of us.

"Hey hun... we need to have a baby right now!"
*xrated fun & two weeks later*

sigh..... if only.....

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Lisa Marie said...

I wish dreams were the same way. I've dreamt I was around 3 months preg while my fertile mertle SIL was huge with baby. I hoped it was true but it was not. I even saw & talked to my late friend in a dream & we talked about pregnancy. She told me she was going to help me (& more happened but I'd seriously sound completely crazy & I am not). I woke up completely convinced we were going to conceive that month but of course we didn't. :(
Celebrities suck! Actually, I heard someone brag this last weekend that he wanted a baby & bam, wife preg! ARGH! My SIL was the same way, twice! Fertile People SUCK!