Thursday, July 21, 2011

On a different note

A bit offtopic.
I'm so excited!! I got a peach pit (seed) to grow!!! YAY!
DH was eating a peach and the pit was split and the little seed inside looked like it was already trying to sprout. So I filled a pot w/ some soil and planted it.
It's been about a week and nothing until today :D

So excited! I still want to buy a peach tree though just in case this one doesn't make it.

Also, DH's uncle and aunt gave everyone plants for something (can't remember what). I picked a bellpepper plant. Been too lazy to plant it outside, but apparently that doesn't matter b/c it's growing a cute little pepper on it now!
It's SO cute!

Sigh.... not bragging, but it seems like I can grow anything... except for a baby

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