Sunday, July 17, 2011

Attention whoring

SiL is a master at it.. lemme tell ya.
We didn't go out with family this Friday b/c they had something to do.
So we went out to lunch with them.
SiL showed up 20mins late even though she lives 5mins away from the place.
As soon as she sees us, she puts on her attention whore face and hams it up as much as she can.

She's still sick in her pregnancy (HA), and just milks it for all it's worth.
Her husband eats that shit up. She has him wrapped around her bitch fingers. Seriously, she snaps, and he does whatever she wants.
Anyway, she sits down and puts on the most pathetic FAKE sick look and starts to pout. Yes.. POUT.
Her family is used to her shit, so she starts to lean all over her husband, practically laying on him. When she thinks she can get attention from her family, she starts to lean on her father. He ignores her though, so she goes back to leaning on her DH.
She then kept trying to do different thing to get attention. Such as pretending to fall asleep sitting up. Looking even more pathetic with the pout and leaning on anyone that got near.

She finally realized at the end of the meal that no one gave a rats ass and instantly... not gradually, not subtly... no.. I mean like someone just turned a light switch on, instantly became chatty and perky and laughing.

Such a crock of shit.
Her family, minus DH, sees her all the time so they've become masters at ignoring her dumbass.

And phew...... ok that ends my bitching for the day.

Well.... other than these stupid tests not giving me a BFP already! Grrrr lol

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