Thursday, July 21, 2011

Should just throw in the towel

.13dpo.... there should be something by now.

Anyway, here are the afternoon tests.
OPK and a tweaked HPT

OPK looks lighter than yesterday's

HPT actually looked like it may have something there. Another shadow/antibody line more than likely.
Tried tweaking it to get it to show up

It's super super super faint so pffft....

I should probably give up on this cycle already, but I dunno.. I just can't bring myself to do it. Maybe b/c it was the first natural cycle that we really had a chance. Last cycle was natural as well, but I wasn't expecting to ovulate so didn't do anything.
I just had my hopes up SO high for this time. Just don't like to throw that all away, ya know?

Oh well, going to have to give up sooner or later. I'll wait until Saturday or Sunday. If no AF by then and no BFP, then I'll stop the progesterone and let this end. Get my hopes up for the next cycle and hope that I ovulate again.


JMM said...

So sorry hun! :(

Lisa Marie said...

I know you don't know me (I'm Lisa & I'm a fatty too) but I found your page a few days ago. I totally understand what you're saying. Last cycle was the first time I felt myself ovulate & I had so much hope & so many expectations. I didn't want to believe the HPT BFN & part of me didn't want to be believe the first blood negative either (doctor made me do 2 blood to get provera to start AF). I hope you get your bfP!!! or AF starts. FX & Hugs!

LisaL said...

Thank you ladies.