Saturday, July 16, 2011

Going to make myself cry...

Just torturing myself. Don't mind me.

I have a habit of looking up my due date over and over and over again. Not sure why since it doesn't change at all lol.
Anyway... looking at the rest of the time line and it's just making me sad.

For instance... We could be announcing our pregnancy on my birthday. I'd be almost in to the 2nd tri by then.

Fast forward.... DH's birthday... we could be finding out the gender. How awesome would that be... and just a few days before SiL gave birth (if she actually delivered on her DD). That sure would make dealing with HER a bit easier as well. Good god, I don't even want to think what kind of nightmare she's going to be during her labor.
Think her whining and need for attention is bad now..... UUUUUUGH.

Anyway... yeah.. how awesome would that be? Being able to have 2 momentous occurrences happen on both of our birthdays. I don't really care about my own, but I would SO love to be able to make it to DH's. Give him a wonderful gift of finding out if we're having a Daddy's little girl or boy.

And then the sadness kicks in b/c hell... what are the chances that we're even pregnant, and then the chances of it being sticky if I am? Sigh......

Oh yeah... the craziness has started.....


socialite_baby said...

I look up my EDD too. I even change it on my baby registry every month "just in case." Very pathetic!

I think we would follow the same birthday/baby milestone pattern. If I found out now (in 2 weeks I guess) my DD would be April 5th which happens to be a few days before DH's sisters birthday (she passed away at 9 months old). MIL would either love me or hate me for it! That would make 2nd tri around my birthday (Oct. 14) and viability around DH's birthday (Dec. 23). That's crazy! Maybe it's a good sign for both of us?! :)

LisaL said...

I hope so :)