Friday, July 29, 2011

Going to gorge myself

Yep, I am. Tonight. I am totally going to gorge on chocolate chip cookies and milk.
I've been craving it since seeing a character on Arrested Development eat some.
And I am not going to feel guilty about it AT ALL. I will eat that whole damn bag and have a huge crumb covered smile on my face after lol.

Weigh in today. Still at 194.
Kinda disappointing but not surprising considering that I've only just started to exercise again.
Have to give my body some time to start building muscle.
Next week I'm going to start exercising before lunch. Even if I am tired... I think that will help w/ the weight loss as well since hopefully my body will be using my own fat instead of whatever I ate for lunch.

194 isn't bad though. My weight for a while has been stuck at 197. Going up and down up and down, and this week, it has been pretty consistantly down. So I know I'm doing something right.

AF is almost gone FINALLY. Spotting still, but it should completely stop by tonight I hope lol.

I did finally get a good sleep last night. YAY! I still feel like I need more though, so hopefully it continues.
I keep forgetting to take my temp though. I remembered right after I got up to use the bathroom. heh
Oh well.

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Lisa Marie said...

You're so funny & making me want some chocolate chip cookies too! LUCKY! :) I just got stuff to make chocolate chip pancakes.

Glad AF is almost gone & congrats on the keeping the weight off. I wish you much luck on kicking more of weight's ass!