Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm done

I just can't put any more energy in to this cycle any longer.
My temp dropped to 98.37 today.
That is still well above my coverline, but it's low enough for me to tell me that there's no bean in there.
BFN this morning as well. Lord am I tired of seeing those lol.
I'm just done and tired and just want to move on.

Not going to bother with my progesterone any longer. Let AF show up whenever.
Hell, the progest dragged this out until 14dpo. That's damn impressive. I'm sure it could have gone longer as well if I were willing... which I'm not.

If I had even an inkling of pregnancy symptoms, other than what I already have, I'd probably still stick this out for at least another day, but I don't have any.
My biggest indicator that there's nothing there? My nipples. They're still the same color as they always are and haven't gotten any larger.
I've done the trigger shot enough to know how my body is going to react to HCG and my nipples getting darker and larger is a sign.

So yeah....... onwards to a new cycle. Hopefully another natural cycle... a success this time so we won't have to do injections again.


Sarra said...

I'm so sorry. :( I know what you mean about being so tired of seeing those BFN's. It starts to make you wonder if you'll ever see those real double lines. So many people out there take it for granted.

Don't give up hope. You'll see those double lines soon! Sorry to hear you are not feeling like this was your cycle. I've been doing natural cycles for a few months myself before we move to IVF this fall and there is this definite hope we could conceive on our own - but now I'm just starting to doubt that it can ever happen. We have to just hang in there and try not to lose hope even amongst the heartache. I'm rooting for you.

LisaB said...

I'm so sorry Lisa :-( HUGS
I was so hopeful when you O'd naturally. I sure hope this is just the start of your body working on its own and getting pregnant naturally ASAP!