Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BAM, look at that tweak!

MUAHAHA. Sorry proud of myself that I finally managed a half way decent tweak! rofl.
Just had to crank that contrast up up up and up some more and finally got something faint to show.

I'm about 95% sure that it's an indent (still 100% positive it's BFN)....
It dried up just like an indent would, but it doesn't look like an indent if that makes sense. I think it's just a really really really shallow and thin one so it's difficult to see.


Marly said...

you are super duper early still thinkin of ya~!

Alyssa said...

That's your FRER?

For the record, I have used a TON of FRERs and while I've had evaps/indents on wondfo's, I've never ever had them on FRERs.

This could be it!!!

LisaL said...

Yeah it's FRER. Unfortunatly it seems I have a gift for picking out bad tests lol. The last FRER in the same box also had an indent as well. They're not as bad as Answer tests, but apparently my line-O-vision can pick them up lol.