Wednesday, July 20, 2011

12DPO Afternoon tests

BF......... Negative.

I took my last FRER for the hell of it.
Wasn't sure if the OPK was darker since I haven't really been keeping track and figured, WTH.

FRER could have something super super super faint there, but I dont think it has color. 100% think it's BFN.
But just for obsession sake.. I'm waiting to see how it dries lol.
Not going to buy any more to be tempted by unless I get something on an IC. Like an obvious something not these stank shadow lines.

Here's a photo of the OPK just for future comparisons.

Been trying to look up as many late BFPs as I can. I mean I know I'm not technically in the "late" category since I'm only 12dpo, but it sure as hell feels like it.
Bombarded from all sides by 8-10dpo BFPs... those sure as hell make 12 DPO feel like it's a world away.

Haven't talked about diet in a while.
Weighed myself this morning and came in at 195. Could go back up so just going to wait until Friday.
Diet has been ok. DH is really struggling to get back on this, but we don't have anymore bad food in the house so it should be easier for him now. He's SO easily tempted by bad food, which I totally get.
I know he's looking forward to losing weight again as am I.

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