Friday, April 22, 2011


MAN that is a lot of frickin follistim! That's almost IVF doses isn't it? Dang body.

I've been feeling some aches on my right ovary. Baseline showed some smaller cysts on it, so that's probably what is causing it.
REALLY hope the 175 makes more than one mature. Come on ovaries... don't fail me now! Gimme hmm... 4! 4 nice big fat healthy juicy follicles with nice big fat healthy eggs ready to implant and be babies!

If we're successful this time and don't have to stim for a ridiculous amount of days... then DD would be Jan 25th. So... Come on January baby!!!!


Sandy said...

175 isn't too bad, I'm on 375 right now for IVF. I hope this works for you!

socialite_baby said...

So do you do the follistim like Clomid? A few days early on in your cycle and then wait until you trigger?

Well you know you do have a 20% chance of multiples on injectables! ;)

LisaL said...

Nope, follistim is given until you have a mature follicle. Well in my case it is, it depends on how you respond I guess heh. But yeah, it's not like clomid where you just take a certain amount and that's it.
That's why there's so much monitoring involved so they can watch what your ovaries are doing and adjust as necessary.

socialite_baby said...

That makes sense! How much is given at a time/day? I've had a few baby center friends who did IVF recommend injectables as it's better for endo. I looked up the prices and holy cow! Of course it doesn't matter until we see the RE, but I feel I'll learn better from someone who's actually gone through it... I highly doubt my male RE has tried injectables. :)