Monday, April 18, 2011

So.... inconclusive!

Well, what my body is doing, not the HPTs.
HPTs aren't even giving me shadow lines any longer.
I think AF will start today.
My temp did go up just slightly though. From 97.76 to 97.89. Yeah, not really a huge jump there lol. Only think it went up b/c our dog was sleeping right up against me and he was making me hot.

Not a very good hold this morning.
Tests are definite BFNs. No hint of anything on them.
Both wondfos have dimples on them. After I saw that the 2nd one had it as well, I wasn't going to waste any more. Specially on the crappy diluted PP sample.
I'll take more tests later of course unless AF appears. The stark white BFNs aren't really giving me much confidence that anything will appear.

Speaking of AF. No spotting so far. Could be b/c of the progesterone though. Which I'm gonna have to go get more of. SIGH. And of course, the pharmacy is downtown which I hate driving in. Double SIGH! At least it should be during a non-rush hour hour so shouldn't be that bad. May take the long way there.

That's about it so far. I still fully expect AF to show today unless for some reason, the progesterone prevents it.

EDIT: Maybe another possibility.
Perhaps my change in diet has changed my LP? Not even sure if that's possible, but just thought I would throw that out there.

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