Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where did you go??

My left ovary does not want to show itself!
The RE did my ultrasound today so that didn't help w/ the trying to find my left O. Even the nurse who usually does it can barely find it.
But anywho, that's not the news I wanted to share.
The surprise came from my right ovary. Now the RE may have measured 1 or 2 of them twice, but if he did measure different ones....
I have 5 follicles on my right ovary. All measuring around 13-15mm each. WOO!!
So no trigger today obviously, but I'll def be getting it Monday and hopefully the ultrasound then will show that all 5 follicles have matured. YAY!
My E2 came back at 1071. O_O
So yeah... 175u of follistim is my magic dose it seems. At least it better be my magic dose and get me frickin pregnant already!

When we finally got home, I used the bathroom, and I'm having some weird CM right now. It's stretchy, but really thick, like jelly/gelatin. BLEH. I thought maybe it was the lube the doc's office uses, but no... they use stuff that's similiar to preseed so this jelly stuff is all me.
Whatever though... I know w/ the 5 follicles, I'll have plenty of EWCM when the time comes.

After my appointment we went clothes shopping. I wanted to get more capris b/c well, I have like 2 pair that I wear all the time and it's time I get more.
Tried on a pair of 18s. Meh, they fit, but were a little loose around the waist. Also got a pair of 16w, and THEY FIT! YAY!
I thought it may be a fluke, but nope! I tried on regular size 16's and they fit too! WOOHOO!
Bought about 5 new pairs and just frickin happy to be down a size FINALLY!

Now I just hope I won't be able to enjoy the smaller size for long b/c I'll get and STAY pregnant this time :D


Anonymous said...

It's always great to go down a pant size.

(I've moved over to wordpress-this is The Lady Girl)

LisaB said...

Awesome follies!! Can't wait to hear how you do at your next scan! FX!!

One Cycle at a Time said...

Congrats on the great number of follies and the smaller pant size!!! As you said, hopefully you'll be shopping for more pants soon when one of these little follies sticks! :-)