Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grr, what's wrong now?

Yesterday when I was helping DH hang some stuff up, my calves started to cramp. We were walking around for a little bit at the flea market with family, but it wasn't anything strenuous. Woke up today with my calves aching and sore. No idea what is wrong but, BLEH annoying!

Today's tests. OPK is a lot lighter finally. Still a line on the HPT. It's getting fainter though. I think it will be there tomorrow and be gone by Tuesday. Well, hoping to start getting a real + by then but ya know heh

Can't say I've been really feeling anything.
I've been getting some very minor aches on my left O area, but can't say if it is def the O and it's not a constant thing either so *shrugs*
Hoping that means no cysts. If gawd forbid, this cycle is a bust, I want to get right back in it.

Food for the past 2 days has been terrible! Dieting + family does not mix well at all! As I mentioned we went to the flea market with DH's family yesterday, then went out to eat with them for lunch. The meal wasn't the bad part, it was the sugary awesomely tasty tea. But anywho.... we had a good dinner so at least it wasn't a totally awful day.

Dinner was baked chicken again with a salad. I put some guacamole on mine. I'm not a big guacamole eater or anything, but I bought some Wholly(sp?) stuff and needed to use it b/c it's expiration is tomorrow :P lol
Not too bad though. It's spicy and pretty tasty. Kinda weird texture with a salad, but whatever.
Chicken was seasoned with garlic powder, seasoning salt, coconut oil, black pepper.


LisaB said...

Crampy calves are a preg sign! Come on HPT, get lighter - or start getting darker in a couple days :-)
Ooh that dinner looks good!

LisaL said...

Really? Crampy calves are a preg sign? Hrmmm... I'll have to do more research on this! lol