Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is it REALLY TTC naturally?

When you are doping yourself up with a ton of herbs?
I dunno, guess I just have a problem with those who say they're TTC naturally, and then list out about a million and 1 pills they take every single day to help.
I'm not trying to rag on using herbs or anything like that. I know it works for a lot of folks and I take a few myself.
It's just the "naturally" part that bothers me is all. Not really a big deal or anything.

Oh some of our strawberries are turning red!
I picked this one yesterday b/c it had a big gash in it
I just washed it off and ate some anyway lol. There weren't any bugs on it and the gash didn't look like it was created by a bug so pfft, why not! It was SO good too, but DH didn't think it was anything special. Pffft.
There are 2 more that are close to ready. I think tomorrow I'll pick them.
Too bad there aren't more ripe ones yet, but there sure are a lot of green ones still!

Oh and color me shocked when I saw that there are some tomato plants coming in! I didn't plant them. They are coming in from the tomatoes that grew last year that I just let drop & rot.
Tomato plants are SUPER easy to grow, but I have absolutely NO luck with them. My tomatoes usually always end up with fruit rot, and last year these weird bugs were all over them.
Not planning on using any pesticides so it'll probably be the same thing again this time.


SLESE1014 said...

I think the "naturally" thing comes in as they are using "natural" products and not any sort of man made assistance. Any one who is not using ART could consider them selves trying least I think that's what they think.

Me? I'm all for any help I can get!!

LisaL said...

*nods* I figured that was why it was called naturally.
Oh well to each their own!