Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh I forgot

To mention the "lovely" things SiL had to say yesterday.
We went out with her and her husband along with DH's parents and my 2 neices to the local state park.
Just a day out grilling and hanging out basically.

Everything started off fine. SiL wasn't being THAT annoying, but then her bitchmode turned on and it all went downhill from there until she started to feel sick and shut up.

Some of her lovely comments...

MiL started to talk about SiL having twins. SiL repeatedly said that she would sell the 2nd one. She obviously wouldn't, but she is very vocal about only wanting ONE baby and whenever multiples are brought up, she acts like it would be the end of the world. Thankfully during her u/s they only saw one.

She LOVES complaining about how bad her morning sickness is. Because she's so sick, she calls her baby "devilspawn".

MiL got on the topic of FiL mother who had multiple miscarriages. This is when SiL chimed in saying that she wishes she could lose this baby. I wasn't really looking at them but could see MiL in my periphal, and I know she gave SiL a look. When she did, SiL quickly changed it to she hopes she loses the baby when it's older. Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.
I REALLY hope MiL hasn't told her about the recent m/c, b/c if she did, and SiL is still saying shit like that.... I dunno if I'm gonna be able to keep my mouth shut next time.

Thankfully it just only angered/annoyed me and didn't upset me as much as her stupid ass statements before.
Still, I just can't understand how she's SO ungrateful. She had been trying for longer than us, got pregnant naturally even though she also suffers from irregular cycles. She WANTED this pregnancy and she says crap like that.
I just don't understand. I can see being unhappy that you're sick, but to say the things she has...... UGH.


One Cycle at a Time said...

That blows me away!!!!! Its not bad enough calling it devilspawn... but then to come out and say you hope you lose it??? WTF?!?!??!? That really pisses me off. I'm so sorry you had to listen to that crap. Why is always the people that are least deserving......

Kerrik said...

Umm...yea...can't even get in a good comment here. That's just beyond words.

meggola said...

That woman is a piece of work. I'm going to stop there, because the rest of the things I would like to say are just plain inapporopriate. I wish she had as much self control.

The Lady Girl said...

Wow, that was a heck-of-a situation/conversation. I think she's speaking out of anxiousness or hurt. I think those comments are litered with "save face" if the pregnacy doesn't go well....weird but it seems that way (scratch all of that if thats just her weird personality). :(

Sorry you had to endure that. Stay positive it helps with things.