Thursday, April 14, 2011

Final post of the day

Unless of course I decide that I just NEED to test again lol.

I did take 2 more tests, and one of them is an equate lol. I know, I know... but it was calling to me and I couldn't resist!
Feel like smacking myself for using it now, but what's done is done.

Wish I could report that there is a line on it, but nope. Well there might be a super faint something on it, but it's SO faint that it could just be the ghost/2nd line showing up.
The wondfo is the same as well. Super super faint nothing on it. I mean just so faint that I shouldn't even mention it. So faint that anyone ANYONE else looking at the tests IRL would see absolutely nothing. But b/c I know where to look, of course I see something kind of thing... ya know?


Not putting much hope that the faint nothings that I see are anything special. I did take the strip out of the equate case and there is something super duper faint, but seriously, nothing to get excited about (doesn't mean I'm not obsessing though!). I'll keep an eye on it as it dries. See if it darkens or not. If it does, I'll try to get another photo heh.
I do now need more tests though lol.
Well, more "good" tests. I have 1 FRER and one First Response digital.

Symptoms. Boobs are feeling ok. Sore when handled, but not too bad.
Been getting some pretty significant aches on my right ovary since last night. Hoping it's the cyst that I ovulated from just producing progesterone and not a cyst growing.
Couldn't sleep for crap last night. I think this is more to do w/ just the anxiety of this. Plus the nap I took yesterday probably screwed things up too b/c I didn't fall asleep until midnight and I went to bed at 10. UGH.

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