Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still the trigger

Yesterday's tests were still the trigger shot it seems.
Disappointed, specially since they seemed darker than the day before, but oh well. I'm ok. There is still time to get a real BFP.
Here are the tests for today. Took 2 hpts. First had a dimple and I didn't want it to cause any kind of fault possibly so took another just to be sure.
These are def BFNs now, so at least whatever I get from this point on should be the real thing. Lets just hope that happens!

I could either be 7-9dpo going by temps. I think I may be closer to 7dpo, but ya never know. Fertility friend may be correct with their crosshairs.
I woke up 40mins earlier than my usual temp time. BLEH. My brain is going in to excited anxious mode so I just know I'm going to be waking earlier and earlier. SIGH.
Temp did go up to 98.17 though so woo!

Symptoms.... or well, possible symptoms. My ovaries are def aching. Both of them. I think it's most likely growing cysts causing it.
Yesterday, not gonna lie, I did think I was feeling some very slight crampy aches and pinches in the uterus. I can't remember what time it happened, but I know it did and I wasn't imagining anything.
Damn, wish I could be one of those women that get obvious cramping during implanting so I would know. Hate these cruel cruel tricks my body plays on me! lol
Oh and I forgot to mention that my boobs are still sore and full. Taking that as a good sign since they were easing up for a little while, then started to get sore again. Well, not the nips, but the whole bewbie. So FX that they just keep getting more and more sore. Yes, I want super sore bewbs!!!

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