Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looks like I finally have my answer

No temp rise today and this morning, I wiped away bright red blood w/ small clots.
Didn't even bother putting in a progesterone suppository after that.
It hasn't picked up yet, but I'm sure that's probably b/c of the progesterone still in there.

All 'symptoms' seemed to have disappeared over night. Boobs aren't sore. Phlegm in throat is gone.
They have been replaced by headaches though and I'm getting this pinching sensation right next/below my belly button. Hmmm actually starting to increase now and feels more like cramping.

Pretty bummed out about the failure once again. Gawd I hate my body :(

Just hope AF shows up quickly. End this already so I can call for the baseline. REALLY hoping for no cysts, but I know that won't happen. Laid on my stomach when I went back to bed this morning and didn't feel anything, but that's not saying much.

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