Monday, April 25, 2011

Sooooooooo bad!

This weekend was SO bad and UGH I'm gonna pay for it with my weight.
I already am. Weighed this morning and it was 202. Hopefully that will go back down ASAP, but still.. BLEH.
Time to get back on track before our trip comes up.

I think my wish came true. DH's sister is having an AWFUL pregnancy. MUAHAHAHAHAHA
I know it's evil, but I'm SO frickin glad. All of the crap she's said, this is pure justice.
Sure, everyone has to deal with her being a mega bitch, but so long as she's suffering, I don't care.
And when I say mega bitch, Oh I definitetly mean it. She's most def using the excuse of hormones to act the way she does.
Being a total bitch to everyone around her. Seriously, when she starts getting sick, she screams at her husband "You did this to me!" Like she watched one too many cheesy RomComs and thought it was a good line to use or something.
She also screams at him to not touch her and to leave her alone, but will then demand him to rub her back, feet, shoulders, whatever. He's a total doormat and she takes full advantage of it.
Be a doting husband, but damn, grow some frickin balls and say NO to your wife sometimes. She is not some helpless butterfly with a broken wing. Hell, she's not even showing yet!

Anyway, enough about her dumbass.
I'm having my doubts about being on the 175u. I haven't felt a single thing in the ovaries yet. I know it's still early, but it would be nice to feel something just so I would know that there are some follicles growing. Go in tomorrow for first bloodwork. Feeling it's going to be just as low as it usually is, but he'll keep me on 175u anyway to see how my E2 is going up from it 2 days later. I'm ok with that. I'll go 19 long days again if I have to. I don't WANT to, but I will if I must :D

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socialite_baby said...

Oh geez! She sounds like a piece of work! One of my friends tried to use her pregnancy hormones as an excuse to be psychotic and constantly feel insecure in her relationship. Her DH almost divorced her because it was so bad! He couldn't do anything without her freaking out on him. Quickly after she delivered everything was magically back to normal... Mainly because she had nothing to blame her craziness on anymore!

I know they're completely different, but I had the same freakout with Clomid. Good luck tomorrow! :)