Monday, April 18, 2011

In Weight news

I pulled out some pants I haven't worn in a while. No real reason why I haven't. They're the same size as my other pants. A size 18, and both pants. One a pair of jeans, the other a pair of corduroys were SO loose on me that I could take them off and put them back on with the buttons and zippers still done.
I had a good 3 or so inches of waist area available for each pants. YAY!
Now if some of my other pants would get a bit looser!

I mean obviously that proves that my waist is shrinking, I just wish it actually LOOKED like it. Seriously, I look in the mirror, and it doesn't look like my stomach has changed at all. Stupid big belly!

Not sure if I'm ready to move down a pant size yet b/c some of my size 18's still fit ok.

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