Monday, April 11, 2011

Tests and a whole mess load of photos

So... let the obsessing begin! Thought I could hold it off until tomorrow, but I had a slight temp drop today at possible 7dpo, so you know what that means. All of my thoughts have been "OMG is this implantation dip? I wonder when I'll get a + hpt if it is!?" SIGH
I'm really trying not to get my hopes up but it's difficult.

Hpt today... I'm calling it a negative. There's a hint of the ever so faintest line, but it is barely there, so just saying it's neg. Hoping it will start to get darker again and continue getting darker this time!

Next up, some more photos! Not of bunnies, but of the other animals that they have up there.
We'll start off with the chickens first.

This is a photo of the big chicken area that DH's uncle and aunt built with scrap parts. It's not pretty but it keeps the chickens safe, gives them shelter, and gives them a lot of space to move around.

A few photos of their chickens. They're spoiled rotten. They treat them as pets, which I think is great. They're friendly little birds and come right up to you if you get close. Of course they're probably just wanting some food but still lol.
They had one die recently. It was another brown colored one. They're hoping it's not a contagious disease but just in case have been giving the chickens antibiotics.

Here's MiL's rooster that always hangs around trying to find a way inside. He's a gorgeous fella. If they ever did want to breed, he'd be a good candidate.

Another one of MiL's roosters. This one... from the neck down is pretty lol. It's not diseased or anything, these are just the way they look with the naked bare necks. He didn't care about the chickens in the shelter, he was following his own women :P

Random caterpillar that I saved from getting turned in to chicken food.

One of the sweetest cats ever. He LOVES attention and doesn't bother any of the animals. I think when they moved up to this property, he decided they looked like good people and moved in with them :P lol

Minature goats. They're not very small, but I guess compared to regular ones they are. I think they had all of their males fixed, so no more babies :(

Guineas! Very noisy birds that didn't want me coming anywhere near them lol.

Turkeys. They used to have more, but their untrained dogs have killed plenty of them. Their dogs... UGH don't get me started.

Pigs. One is a regular pig that they were raising for food. They had another large one that they did slaughter, and even though to this day (years later), MiL still talks about how awesome it was, she doesn't want to kill this one b/c she felt so bad about the last one, so it's now a pet along witht he other animals.
The other pig is a mix between a regular pig and a pot belly that someone gave to them when they couldn't take care of it. They used to have 2 more pot belly pigs. One gotten the same way, and the other given as a gift, but both of them died fairly recently.

Drool spot from one of MiL's dogs that got out of the fence. Sigh.... I was grossed out more by this than the bunny pee.

The dog that did it. He's a sweet dog, don't get me wrong, but BLEH. He's known to roll in some disgusting stuff.
He's the sibling of our black dog Kiwi.

And finally some questionable looking plants. They have a problem with drug dealers in their area. Specially ones that use their dirt road through their property. I don't think this is what it resembles, but with the people in the area... ya never know.

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