Friday, April 1, 2011


We went to the zoo today! YAY!
It was kind of last moment. I had suggested it the other day, but it was already too late to go and it has been raining almost all week. Today was predicted to be clear so we went today with MiL and my youngest neice.
It was fun. Zoo is a lot smaller than I remember it being.

I did have a blood draw today to check E2. We told them that we weren't going to be home when they called so they just left a message.
When we finally got home, I came home to a message saying that my E2 is 249! WOOOOOOOOO
I was expecting maybe 120 at best so 249, YAY!
Go back in on Sunday for an ultrasound and another blood draw.
Thinking I have maybe 2 or 3 b/c I'm feeling something on both ovaries.

Eating today was AWFUL. Before I knew that we were def going to the zoo, was just expecting to cheat for dinner, maybe breakfast, but it was an all day event.
Breakfast was a croisandwich from Burger King. Lunch was french fries and jalapeno poppers at the zoo, and dinner was a Chinese Buffet where everything is coated in a sugary sauce.
I felt fine until dinner. I think all of that sugar is really doing a number on my stomach.
Other weeks will definitely not be as bad as this thank goodness lol.

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