Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get ready for the Awwwwws!

Another day with the inlaws. We took DH's older sister shoe shopping. We were supposed to buy her shoes, but she snuck by us and bought her own. DH is probably just going to give her some money though. He didn't buy her or her husband anything for their wedding.

So yeah, we met them for lunch when we picked her up. They were eating at a Chinese fast food place that has THE best eggrolls ever. Even though we had eaten before we left, we splurged a little and got an eggroll each. I ate a little more than half of mine then gave the rest to DH.

After shoe shopping, we went to inlaws land to hang out and see the new little bunnies. OMG they're SOOOOOO adorable!!!
Their feet were covered in PP, but I didn't care lol.
The little white one is the most curious out of them. The 2 brown ones are still very timid and scared when you hold them. When I held the white one, it kept trying to make snacks out of my fingers :P
Also took some photos of the chicks they (uncle and aunt) got about a month ago, and the new ones they bought the previous day.

First up, chickens!
The older ones, then the lil babies :D They have the older ones completely spoiled. They come out of their cage and will perch on their hands. Really cute.
Not sure why the 2 little ones closed their eyes when I wanted to take their photo. Guess they somehow knew there would be a flash to blind them :P lol

And the bunnies!!! They're called Lionhead Rabbits. Lots and lots of adorably soft floofy adorableness!!

And finally the 3rd bunny and the nice little spot of PP on my pants lol Oh well... I didn't care. I was too concerned about the cuteness to give a 2nd thought to some bunny PP.

I have more photos that I'll share tomorrow :)

We had dinner there. They were nice enough to fix some options that DH and I could have. They grilled some pork loin and pork chops (I had a pork chop). DH's aunt sauted some brussel sprouts. I think she used butter, but oh well. Little bit of butter is ok.
And she fixed a great salad with a mix of a lot of veggies.

Oh and in ladybits news.... I started feeling REALLY wet at around 6pm tonight. Didn't notice anything except for a little bit of the suppository gunk when I used the bathroom, so *shrugs* Thought I'd mention it anyway.

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LisaB said...

OMG Awww is right! :-D So cute.