Thursday, April 28, 2011


My E2 levels this time are totally kicking my other cycles' E2 numbers asses!
Just got a call back and my E2 today is 452! WOOHOO!
My last BFP cycle in January, my E2 was 420 2 days before the trigger and I produced 2 mature follicles.
My first BFP cycle, my E2 was 639 2 days before trigger and that cycle, I had 3 mature follicles.
I think it's going to get that high again. At least I hope so.
Going to have to start BDing just in case.. not that I need an excuse to BD :D

But still, SO happy right now and SO relieved. Now I'm just SUPER curious to see what my ovaries are doing. I really think I'm going to ovulate from my left side this time. That's where I'm feeling most of the aches and twinges. I have had some on the right side as well, but not a lot. We'll see though b/c even the stuff I'm feeling on the left isn't all that apparent and noticeable.

I took a 3hr long nap today. It's been storming, and that usually drains me, but I've just been feeling really tired lately.
I've been sleeping fine. Going to bed when I usually do, etc, but just been feeling tired for the past week.
I'm sure it will pass.

Diet has been going ok. Not the greatest. I've been cheating with a little bit of candy. Not nearly as much as I would've eaten before though. Well... except for yesterday. I ate about 6 of those chocolate/mint candies and a good bit of reeses pieces.
We didn't buy any of it. DH's family, who all know we're on this diet still thought it was a great idea to give us candy for Easter anyway. SIGH.
As I've said and will continue to say.... family is AWFUL for dieting!


SLESE1014 said...

Woot woot!!!! On the nice E2 levels!!! Here's hoping those follies are growing big and mature...ehh diet schmiet...worry about the follies and E2 levels!

I think a little celebration is worth it!

LisaB said...

WOOHOO I'm super excited for you!!!

socialite_baby said...

Chocolate mint candy doesn't count. They're too amazing to have calories and fat.

Congrats on the amazing levels! FX that means another (very sticky) BFP is in store!