Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maybe, pretty please?

Tests for today. I usually stop taking my OPKs by now, or actually sooner than now, but meh... they're there so why not.
I'm going to say still BFN, even though there's an ever so faint line on the HPT IRL. It could def be the trigger still, but I'm hoping not of course. FX that it keeps getting darker :D I may whip out a better test tomorrow if something appears on the wondfo again.
OOOO now that I'm driving, I can just go out and get more on my own! No more hoping that DH gets me some! WOO! lol

There have been feelings down there, but I'm hesitant to even mention them b/c honestly, it could just be bowel or the progest sups causing things to occur.
I've been getting ovary aches. I know that's not bowel, but it could be due to cysts. Getting a small amount on the left side mainly with a little on the right as well.
The stuff that could be bowel is the full feeling I'm having down there. I could really feel it when I laid on my stomach last night and when I laid on my back as well.

Oh and my temp did go back up this morning to 97.96. Don't like seeing post O temps still in the 97's, but I am taking them SUPER early. This morning I woke up at 2:45 to take it. SIGH.

Oh and forgot that my right bewbie was really aching this morning when I got up. Kinda strange since for the trigger, my left one seemed to be the one that got more sensitive and now it's the other way around. Well not with the nips but the whole bewbie.
Sitting here groping my chest right now to see if they're sorer or not. DH would LOVE this show lol.