Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Naughty trigger shot!

Ever since getting it, all of my dreams at night have been naughty and vivid!
Crazy what the stuff can do to your brain! lol

Here's the trigger for today. HPT got a lot lighter. OPK is right on the verge of being a neg. The line is still as dark, but just barely.
I'm surprised the trigger shot goes through me so quickly . I'm not complaining though!
Think I'm going to go out and buy a fresh pineapple.
We do have one, but don't think it's ripe. Bi-Lo that's basically across the street has them on sale so think I'm gonna go out and get one if they have any good ones to get.
Erm..... that's about it. I'm about 1dpo today so... yep... have a long wait ahead of me.

EDIT: BLEH, just got back from the store. I swear, what's with farmers picking pineapples before they're ripe?? I mean they're obviously NOT ripe b/c they're still GREEN. UGH. Thankfully there were a few good ones so I got one. Just cut it up and ate some of the core. MUCH MUCH better fresh lol.


Kerrik said...

I was so lazy, I just bought the pineapple already nicely cut up and in a container. You are a champ putting in all that extra effort!

Anonymous said...

Someone please remind me what the whole pineapple thing is about?

LisaL said...

Pineapple core is supposed to have some kind of enzyme in it that helps with implantation. Bromelain I think? You're supposed to eat the core over 5 days the day after you ovulate or around when you should be implanting.