Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random post moment!

Haven't posted any photos in a while, so here are some!!

Strawberries from the garden

Giant strawberry from the farm we picked from (and it tasted GREAT).

Radishes freshly picked from my garden.

The garden they came from. Both of my gardens are being overun with weeds, grass and seeds that have been dropped and sprouted from the bird feeder. I haven't pulled them up b/c I'm wanting to see if they're sunflowers or not lol. Going to have to commit some time to do some serious weeding.

Blurry photo, but it's showing my babies! The adorable little baby mollies that have recently learned that, Me= FOOD!

DH had fun shaving our dog Bing. She has super thick fur and she gets hot very easily, so he shaves her to help. He left her a nice back-hawk.

And finally.... ever wonder exactly what was in a jumping bean? Yeah me neither, but here ya go anyway lol.
DH's mother bought some when they went to Cali for older SiL's wedding. When she finally gave them to us, only 1 or 2 actually moved, and then it stopped. I thought the bugs were dead, but one apparently isn't.
I let it go outside. Fly away little moth.... fly away!

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