Monday, April 18, 2011


Wish I could say it's pregnancy related. SIGH.
Not sure what is causing it exactly. I THOUGHT it was just my anxiety causing it, but now I wonder b/c I've been having it happen after every meal. It's not a super overwhelming nauseated state or anything, just queasy.
Maybe the bad food this weekend is causing it.

So for the heck of it and waiting to hear back from the pharmacy about my prescrip....

Symptoms! Or well... possible Pre-AF stuff! Who the hell knows!
My boobs are still sore to the touch. Nothing awful.. just.. eh.. sore.
Throat is still phlegmy.
Feeling wet down there.
And the slight nausea

So yeah... not a lot to go on here... sigh.

Gonna go read and maybe sleep a bit more and test again before heading out to get my meds. Hope they call back to confirm. Don't want to get there and have to sit there and wait for them to make them.

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