Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tess tests and more tests

That's what my blog title should be with how many I go through lol.
Tests today are inconclusive. Story of my life!

I took 2 wondfos this morning along with an OPK.
Reason for 2 wondfos is b/c I wanted to compare whatever they did or didn't show to see if it matched up. Well.. it didn't! Grrrr
First wondfo def had something on it. Can't tell if it's something good, or just something faulty. 2nd test.... nothing. Well, nothing until the 11min mark, and even then, almost nothing there.
Photos didn't pick anything up very well, not that I was expecting it to lol.

The OPK does seem to be darker though. If that means anything... who the hell knows. Looking at the previous trigger shot photos. Looks like it's about as dark as 7-8 days past trigger shot. 7 days you could def still see the line on the HPT in the photo, 8dp, meh. So maybe that means tomorrow it'll be even darker and by then, If I am pregnant, then the tests will start to show something a bit more apparent? *shrugs*

No spotting yesterday, and nothing today so far. It's still early though so things could start up.
OR I could only be 10dpo which means AF isn't due until Monday. So we'll see what happens.

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