Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weigh In Day!

Start off the day with some good news and hope that continues lol.

DH and I weighed in this morning.
He's down to 217!!! WOO! His last WI was 222 so he lost 5 lbs this week!! So happy for him. His weight loss did stall a bit there, but glad to see that it picked back up again :)

My own WI, 199. Was afraid it was going to be more since I was SO bad for dinner lol. No family dinner (that's tonight), so we got some pizza and boy was it GOOD. I over-indulged BIG TIME so was afraid my weight would show it heh. But it doesn't so woot! I'm officially in the onederlands now! YAY! My last weight was 202, so that makes my own a 3lb loss :D
Not going to take measurements this week, but will next week :)

Setting my next weight goal for 180lbs :)


LisaB said...

That is SO awesome!! Congrats to both of you! Woot!

unaffected said...

Nice work!!!! :)