Friday, April 15, 2011

I dunno...

Think this is just going to turn out to be another failed cycle. I never seem to have any luck when I only have 1 follicle.
Hell, I don't have luck when I have more than that. Oh sure, I get the BFP, but don't get to keep it for long. SIGH.
You would think by now I would've grown a bit more patient, but heck no I haven't! I just want it more and more and sooner! lol
I want to be one of those women that get a BFP at 8dpo damnit!! Screw those lucky bitches!!! lol
I REALLY hope I'm not 11dpo already. I mean, sometimes I hope I am, that way if it is going to be a late BFP, then I'll know something is up when AF doesn't show tomorrow.
But then I hope it's not, that way I have more time to get an earlier BFP than my m/c cycles.

Wish I could just be confident one way or the other!

Anywho... here are some noon tests.
The OPK is a lot darker, even from the one this morning. Wish I could say the same thing for the hpt. SIGH. It's still playing tricks with my eyes.
Really should've kept taking opks during my other cycles, specially the BFP ones so I could see what they did, but I usually stopped them after a few days when they weren't positives any longer from the trigger shot.

Sigh... I hope I don't start spotting today. I'll take some implantation spotting, but pre-AF spotting... no thank you!

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SLESE1014 said...

I'm sorry you're in limbo land....I hope you get an answer soon!