Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Screw Infertility & PCOS!

Just UGH!
There's a thread this person started on one of the websites that I go to saying the things they were thankful for b/c of their infertility and PCOS.
Absolutely nothing against the person, I know they were just trying to lighten the mood and focus on whatever positives they could come up with which I think is great.

But I am NOT in that frame of mind. Sure infertility and PCOS will make me more appreciative of any pregnancies and babies I'm able to have, IF it ever happens.
But thankful for that? HELL NO. Do you know how often I wish I could be one of those naive fertiles that can get pregnant at the drop of a hat?? Every frickin day!
Thankful that we have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on something that most everyone else can do for free? NO!
Thankful that I've been struggling for over 2 years (will be 3 in Oct), to have a child? FUCK NO.
Thankful that infertility has turned me in to such a bitter and jealous person? Really? Do I need to go on??

It's great for you if you want to see the positives, but not me. I'm just SO tired of having to try this hard. I'm tired of seeing others getting their BFPs so easily (strangers, not the women I've come to know). I'm just sick and tired of being on this gawd awful frustrating, heartbreaking journey. I won't give up, but I can still hope that it ends soon with us getting our family already.

I know this post is filled with so much anger, but that thread just really rubbed me the wrong way.
If by some chance the person that posted the thread reads this. Please don't take offense. I'm not attacking you or angry at all with you. Just angry at being infertile and stankin PCOS.

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