Saturday, April 23, 2011


Forgot to weigh in this morning before eating anything.
Don't think it would've budged much though. But WI when I did it was 201. Boooo lol
That's ok though, I've been seeing that weight all week long. It has been fluctuating between 198-201. I know it's not permanent so it doesn't bother me, but still... I'd like to get away from the 200's enough that when my weight does start to fluctuate as it has been... it'll still be in the 100's lol.
Oh well.

Turkey I fixed last night. UGH. Stupid oven. I don't think our oven heats to where it should. Was trying to slow cook a turkey and it's supposed to be done in about 8-10hrs. A WHOLE turkey. Ours was only breast meat attached to the bones.
I had to sleep in the living room so I could listen for the oven beep to check on it.... 3hrs later, still not done and staying at a steady 160. Grr. I finally got tired of waiting and turned the temp up to 350 and finished it that way which took about 50mins including cooling time afterwards. So yeah... didn't get back to sleep until 4am. And of course, the breast meat is dry. Awesome :\
Oh well... it still tastes pretty good cold. Will be good for snacks and such.

I have a TON of cleaning to do today. Serves me right I guess for not cleaning up more frequently lol. It's not that our house is a disaster area, it just needs a lot of dusting, vacuuming and just straightening up..... a lot.....
So yeah, my day is gonna be busy busy.
We're going to a strawberry farm later as soon as DH is done watching a movie. Going to make some homemade strawberry shortcakes for tomorrow. Yummy! Or at least, I hope they are! heh
Think I'm supposed to be fixing ribs too but not sure. If so, we're gonna have to get more.

That's about it really. Haven't felt much in the O's. No mroe aching on the right one.
My left boob has been feeling strange. Like a sharp poking sensation, but it's probably nothing as well.


The Lady Girl said...

I see we are on the same page regarding cleaning. On days like this I regret having a larger house, I miss the days of living in an apartment.

Since starting the high protein diet, I've been retaining a lot of water...maybe it's the summer sausage.

LisaL said...

Could be salt if you're adding a lot of it to food. Or could just be where you're at in your cycle.
I was suggested to add some lemon juice, fresh squeezed, to some water. It's supposed to help you release all of that excess water.
I think lemon water is gross, so haven't tried it lol.