Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Morning traffic... UGH

I just got back from my blood draw. I had to drive myself.
I don't mind driving, but I do when it's in frickin crazy ass morning rush hour traffic. People are INSANE. Driving 20+ over the speed limit, cutting people off, etc. Just taking way too many risks to try to get one car ahead of everyone else. It's scary as hell.

I left pretty much right after DH left for work. It was over an hour before my appointment but I didn't care. I knew traffic wouldn't be as bad and I could sit in the car and read for a bit when I got there lol.

Different lab tech today. She likes trying to get blood out of my arm. It kinda worked. Didn't fill the vial though. She maybe got a tablespoon out of me, but she showed it to the RE and he said it would be enough since they were only testing E2 today.

I may have started to feel some aches in my ovaries last night. Nothing major and it could very easily be explained away by my body trying to get rid of all of the bad food from this weekend. Hopefully it's 2-4 follicles growing and maturing heh.

I'm wondering if I even ovulated a mature egg last time. My E2 hadn't really changed all that much from 2 days before I triggered and I had 2 that were 12-14mm, 1 at 11, and then the one at 18. You would think my estrogen would've been a lot higher than it was.
I think this time, if there's just one again, I'm going to wait to hear what the E2 is before doing the trigger shot.

AF is still hanging around. UGH. Just smudges on the tp when I use the bathroom, but still... too long and annoying!! Doesn't help that it's not the painless annoyance it used to be. Oh no.. those first few days have to be filled w/ bloaty cramps!

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