Monday, April 18, 2011

Silly me..

For getting my hopes up.
All day and nothing. Started to get hopeful again that maybe this could be it.
Went to put in my 2nd progesterone suppository and sure enough, there's blood.

I still inserted the suppository, so hope it doesn't interfere with AF starting.

I'm pretty bummed out. As pessimistic as I get, I still have a lot of hope and well.. this just sucks.

I'l hope for no cysts, but pfft, yeah right. I know I'll have some. If by some miracle I don't, then, I'll ask to be started on 175u. Well, either way for this cycle or the next, I'll ask to be started on that.

I'll also try to get to 190 by the time my next cycle is due. Give me a short short term goal.

DH is also planning this 2 week trip at the end of June, so either I'll be preggo by then or at least skinnier so I won't feel so awkward when we go to amusement parks.

Of course.... things have slowed down now. Def b/c of the progesterone.
Hrmm, well, I guess if there's any good news out of this, it's that my LP lengthened a little bit.