Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Reunion

Just got back from the yearly family reunion. Fried chicken and southern carby foods along with a table full of sugary sweet desserts.
Next weekend isn't going to be any better.  It's Easter and I think inlaws are coming over to our house. Dernit, means I'm gonna have to clean! lol

Only bad thing about it was this one cousin, or 2nd cousin to DH that was there. She had gotten married the previous year, and instantly got knocked up b/c she had her cute little new baby there to show off.
Now I'm not going to go in to specifics b/c they're awful and if there's a hell, I'm going straight there for even thinking these things.... but to put it VERY mildly... I was very surprised and very irked that she & her husband were able to get pregnant so easily and quickly. Don't ask for the specifics of it. Trust me, they're awful and I'm not very proud of thinking them.

And of course, MiL and DH's aunt had to announce SiL's pregnancy. UGH. Now this was jealousy on my part. Not at the attention. That's actually the last thing I want, but just being reminded once again that she's pregnant and.. nope.. I'm not.

I guess I could still hope that this turns out like my other 2 BFP cycles. Well, minus the m/c part. I started to get if-y tests on 12dpo with something definite on 13dpo, but man, with this big of a temp dip (98.12 to 97.76 today) and so late at 11dpo... I just don't see it happening.
Took another wondfo when we got home and there's nothing on it. Not even a shadow of a line showing on it.

Haven't started spotting yet, but there is still plenty of today left for it to start. Or maybe the progesterone will prevent the spotting and I'll just start AF tomorrow *shrugs*

I just want it to be our turn already. I wanna make DH a daddy.

I'm trying to keep some hope alive. Been googling everything I can about late implantation.
Maybe that is what was wrong with my previous 2 (implanting too late). Think someone said there is a 50something percent chance to miscarry if you implant at 11dpo.

I'm feeling pretty wet down there. A pre-AF symptom. Been taking trips to the bathroom to see if anything has shown up yet.
All my luck, nothing is going to show today, so I'll call in for my progesterone suppository refill tomorrow and AF will show up before, during, or after I get them.

UUUGH, if this isn't it, then I REALLY hope the progest doesn't delay anything. I only have 3 more left. So if nothing by early morning tomorrow, I'm gonna have to go get more 'just in case'. BLEH.

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