Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy freaking crap dude!

So, just got back from my unpleasant blood draw. I got there early b/c it was storming really bad here this morning. Read in the car until about 7:40 and then headed up.
Waited in their waiting room for about 10mins, and the RE calls me back.
He wants to get me out of there before the storm gets any worse so he's gonna take my blood. Uhm... ok.
I sit down in the chair, and he squeezes the shit out of my arm to see where the vein is. Whatever...
Then he swabs my arm, DOESN'T put gloves on, and pokes me with the needle and good lord this man is NOT gentle at all. He's frickin moving that thing around and going deeper and hitting just all the bad frickin spots.
He can't get anything which isn't surprising, so he pulls the needle out and presses down REALLY hard on the spot.
I'm still sore from what he did, and it looks like that whole area is going to bruise. Hell, my BICEP feels achy now! Leave that shit to the people who know my tiny veins damnit!!
Finally the nurse came over to rescue me. Did the ole hand in warm water trick to make my veins pop out of my hand and it worked.

See the area to the right where it looks like an old bruise? That's where I got blood taken on Tuesday. It bruised only very very slightly. That's where he poked me today as well, and the red spots coming up...who the hell knows, I just know he caused it. I hope it doesn't bruise as bad as it feels, but pfft, it's already starting to.

Oh and speaking of the storm.... it was pretty spectacular driving in it. It wasn't raining very hard and the skies were lit up with lightening. It was very cool watching the lightning flash and snake across the sky.

Hopefully this storm doesn't claim any more lives and really hope my cousin is ok down in ALA.

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SLESE1014 said...

OUCH!!! I hope you at least get good news with today's draw!!!

I alternate arms with my draws because I bruise so easily. I hope it heals quickly!